Bodegas de Argentina Sustainability Code

The BdA code, certified by specialized agencies that audits each producer, certifies wineries with sustainable practices in viticulture, soil management, energy effieciency, water. conservation, solid waste management, air quality, human resources and community.

Certified Argentine Wineries:

Areyna , Casarena , La Posta , Luca , Tikal

Wines of Chile Sustainability Code

This code certifies wineries working sustainably in four different areas: vineyards (environmental), winemaking (process), employees (social), and tourism (community).

Certified Chilean Wineries:

Amayna , Boya , Casa Silva , J. Bouchon


Grapes that are farmed biodynamically, and the winemaker refrains from using any common manipulations such as yeast additions or acidity adjustments.

Demeter Certified Biodynamic

A comprehensive organic farming certification. 



Certified Vegan

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Certified Vegan Wineries

Areyna , Casarena , Tikal , Amayna , Boya , Casa Silva