Mendel wines classically combine Roberto de la Mota’s prestigious winemaking skills and tremendously old vineyards to make Mendoza’s most elegant wines. Proprietor and long-time wine lover, Anabelle Sielecki, partnered with Roberto to transform her family’s historic 1928 vineyard into the respected estate it is today. She honors her father, a hardworking immigrant and successful businessman, by putting his first name, Mendel, on the label. 

Using his French winemaking experience, Roberto has led Argentina’s winemaking movement toward world-class production. The finesse and elegance in his wines are revered and respected.

Region: Mendoza, Argentina

Sophisticated and timeless, Mendel has solidified Argentina's place as a premier world wine producer with seamless consistency and polished elegance.

Behind the Wine


Roberto is one of the most celebrated winemakers in Argentina, known for making prestigious and elegant wines. After classical schooling and training in France, Roberto established the Terrazzas de los Andes wine program for Bodega Chandon in 1996. After much critical acclaim, he was selected as winemaker for Cheval des Andes, an ultra-prestigious joint venture between Chandon & Bordeaux’s Chateau Cheval Blanc. He represents a balance between local and global with the unique mix of influences he has recieved at home and internationally. 


Anabelle partnered with Roberto to transform her family’s historic 1928 vineyard into the respected estate it is today, naming it after her father, Mendel. Anabelle combines a global perspective with keen business acumen. She partnered with Roberto over 15 years ago, and her vision and entrepreneurial spirit have helped grow Mendel to the successful, sophisticated, premium winery it is today. 

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