Lago Ranco Riesling 2017


Casa Silva's Lago Ranco wines are harvested from the first vineyard ever planted in the Lake District of Patagonia; pioneered & planted by Casa Silva in 2006.

Noteworthy Distictions

  • Certified Sustainable - Wines of Chile
  • Vegan

Tasting Notes

Clean, bright straw yellow in color. Aromas of green lime, green apple, white peach, fresh quinces and lemon blossom. High acidity on the palate with excellent mineral notes and varietal character. The wine is floral & sharp in the mouth and has a long finish.

Food Pairing

A delicious wine to pair with a variety of seafood dishes, white meats like turkey or pork, or pasta prepared with white sauces. Try with butter sole & sauteed vegetables.

Tech Details

Casa Silva was the first Chilean winery to own & make wines from the Osorno Valley in Chilean Patagonia. The vineyards are planted on small hillsides facing Lake Ranco, creating a special microclimate for the production of vineyards.

  • The hillside soil is comprised of a mix of sand, pyroclastic rocks and volcanic ash "trumaos", which has high water retention.
  • The grapes are hand harvested in small plastic crates. 
  • 100% fermented in stainless steel tanks with 1-2 months working the fermentation lees in the tanks. 
  • Varietal Composition: 100% Riesling
  • Region: Osorno Valley
  • Avg Elevation: 250 feet
  • Avg Age of Vines: 13 years
  • PH: 3.05
  • Alcohol: 11.5%
  • UPC: 835603003338