One of the first women-owned wine brands in the world, for over 30 years, Laely Heron goes against the grain in life and with Heron Wines. By drawing on her Old World background to craft exceptionally elegant value-driven wines, they are the antithesis of traditional California wines. Like Laely herself, her style of winemaking is unique, adventurous, daring, irreverent, non-traditional, and international. 

Heron represents the very best grapes, from the very best regions, to make the very best wines at an appealing price point. They are never formulaic, overblown, high in alcohol, or over-oaked.

Region: California


Laely Heron was raised by a family of true adventurers and grew up living across the globe. She lived in Copenhagen and traveled often to Italy and France. She moved to Bordeaux at the age of 19 and during that time had the opportunity to learn from many respectable domains and chateaus. Being exposed to diverse flavors and tastes in her travels, along studying Oenology at the University of Bordeaux allowed Laely to activate her senses and lean fully into the experience of wine.

Laely launched Heron Wines in 1994 with the Merlot and after four years started to add more wines. Laely has a worldly view on life and believes that wine should be shared over meals. She's a firm believer of being at the table with friends, family, and those who are interesting.